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Anderson Alley Artist’s Building Meeting - June 1, 2015

Anderson Alley Artist’s Building Meeting - June 1, 2015
Evelyn Kitson, Kathryn Bevier, Bill Klingensmith, Jan Towsley, Sherry Tulloch, Judy Gohringer, Valerie Larsen, Richard Margolis, Brittany Mendez and Alene Pierro attended this meeting.
  • Val Larsen is retiring on 8/15. She is available to new volunteers to pass on her resources and knowledge! She will be teaching a Facebook/social media training session before she leaves (date TBA) to show us all how to post on the AAArtists page.
  • We’d like to encourage as many members to post on our Facebook page as possible. Please email Val your Facebook account email address, so that she can make you an administrator. Post images, new work, events, workshops, etc.
  • First Fridays this year will be advertised October through June
  • We discussed that if SS does not fall in the same weekend as FF, then we could choose not have a two day event during the FF weekend to avoid extra advertising. This simplifies our message… “Open Studios FF and SS”
  • We discussed how we can better leverage holiday buying season. We could be open every Saturday in December? Tabled for further discussion. Please send more ideas to Alene & Richard so we can bring them to the Fall meetings.
  • Arti Gras could use a refresh (attendance is not as high as Holiday Gala). We could change the time of year and possibly change theme. We’d like to check with BOA to see how the music this year affected them. We could use more exciting entertainment.
  • Other possible themes: college students in 3rd floor gallery and Richard's studio
  • Artists can post their events/workshops on the website calendar whenever they like. Some discussion was mentioned about having  separate tab on the website for workshops but this was met with some disapproval since it would have to be maintained by a website manager..
  • Val will send out an email with the directions on posting events on the website calendar
  • Bill Klingensmith will put together and forward us a short document about using hashtags to promote the Anderson Alley Artists. We may incorporate our hashtag into promotional materials.
  • Jan will look into which organization the weavers guild is a member of that they find worth the investment
  • Name change was discussed, but we will remain Anderson Alley Artists as it has history and recognition
  • Sherry Tulloch, Treasurer, presented our forward balance. She is still going through the information she was given and needs membership cost history. She will then make a new proposal for membership dues that will need to be finalized before the September meeting. Possibly July? We will also discuss our membership in organizations ie: Arts Council, NOTA, Visit Rochester etc.
  • We have volunteers!!! Thank you for your commitment!
  • - Nancy Valle - Photographs of studios to post on FB
    - Kathryn Bevier will speak to Nancy to see if they can do social media together
    - Bill Klingensmith will be the designer
    - Jan will write the press releases and maybe free online calendar listings
    -Alene to confirm with Disa Baylis that she will remain a contact for website host and interaction with web page designer
    - Evelyn, Val, and Alene will meet to discuss and delegate the website work (Alene to invite Amy Flack as well)
    - Sherry Tulloch- Treasurer
    - Richard and Alene- Meeting Coordinator

    -We need another volunteer to split website manager role with Evelyn
    -We need someone to send in the ROCO announcement

  • Future meeting discussion points:
  • - Holiday Gala will be discussed - consolidate into SS, have separate event, or be open every Saturday of the month?
    - How to revamp Arti Gras - We need to establish an advertising schedule/deadline for artwork for postcards, etc.
    - Must discuss organization memberships and advertising venues to determine membership dues
    -i.e. Arts & Cultural Council, NOTA, Visit Rochester, etc.

    Next Meeting: September 23 at 12pm in Richard’s studio (4-9).

    There will be a Coordinating Committee meeting on July 29 at 12 pm where we will discuss membership dues and decide on several key advertisement budget questions. Please come to this if you are concerned with this topic.

    Alene Pierro
    Studio Manager
    Richard Margolis Art + Architectural Photography
    250 North Goodman Street
    Rochester,  New York  14607


Update from Anderson Artists Assoc. meeting on 20 Oct 2014

The following items were discussed:


2 - A-frame signs will be ordered to put outside for our events. We need to have a design for them so if anyone has ideas please send them along.

We will continue with First Fridays

Holiday Gala

For music we have booked an 8 piece swing band & an accordion player with a one man band (he was here last year.)

There will be a Artists Directory tri-fold again. To be listed we must have payment and listing by November 1st. In addition to the tri-fold we will be printing a card with each participants studio name and number and a check off space. Visitors will be required to visit each studio and have their card stamped to be eligible for a drawing for a $100 gift certificate. The $100 can be spent with any of our participants. The artist will be reimbursed for the $100 by the Association. We will also be trying to get donations of other gift certificates. Requiring guests to visit all studios will help to get more people up the the 3rd & 4th floors. Through the sign up info on the card, we should also have the beginnings of an email list for the building.

It looks like there will be a wine tasting, a beer tasting and perhaps some other special offerings.

Advertising will be placed in the City News Holiday guide.

Alene from Richard Margolis Studio will be our lead on publicity. If anyone has ideas or suggestions be contact her at

Arti Gras

  • Advertising will be placed, probably in City News.
  • The Cajun band that played last year will be returning.
  • A tarot card reader has agreed to set up in the hall.
  • A postcard will be produced.



  • 2014-2015 Calendar Cards $125
  • 2 - A frame signs for outdoors $350
  • First Friday Dues $100

Subtotal $ 575

Holiday Gala

  • City News advertising $ 775
  • Music $650
  • Elevator Operators $200
  • Artists Directory & visit card $300
  • Gift Certificate $100

Subtotal $2025

Arti Gras

  • City News advertising $775
  • Music $350
  • Elevator Operators $200
  • Post Card $125

Subtotal $1450

TOTAL $4050