Anderson Alley Artists Studios
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Linda Condon

Linda Condon

General Information

Fine Art Screen Printing


First Fridays and by appointment


Anderson Arts Building
250 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY. 14607

Screen Expressions


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About the Artist

Artist Statement

The focal point of my art career has been fine art screen printing and I have pioneered the use of a non-toxic screen printing process using materials that are beneficial to the environment and not hazardous to one's health.
My prints continue to depict a journey through my life experiences with the style of my images and color palette having changed over the years. In the early part of my career, I worked with black and white imagery, but this limited color palette has exploded in to an expressionistic use of color. I tend to work in series of images related to a theme as I tease out or delve into my area of exploration. My art and life are intertwined and my images express personal feelings about a broad range of events from the past that continue to shape my life today.

Short Biography

I am from the Republic of Ireland where I studied at the National College of Art in Dublin as an undergraduate student in sculpture. When I moved to the US, I developed an interest in printmaking. I pursued this interest at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and then received a Bachelor of Science from Nazareth College of Rochester, with a concentration in printmaking. A number of years later I attended Syracuse University as a graduate student and transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology to receive a Masters of Art in Printmaking and Printing Technology.
For the past twenty years I have lived in the U.S., Ireland and Finland. During this time I taught art and screen printing in second and third level educational institutes and pursued my own work in individual and collective studio setting.

Shows, Exhibitions, Collections

  • United Arts Club, Dublin, Ireland
  • Print Club of Rochester, NY
  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center
  • Eva Exhibition, Limerick, Ireland
  • Oireachtas Exhibition, Dublin
  • Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • New York Finger Lakes Exhibition
  • One Woman Show of Prints - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • One Woman Show, "Cruel Love" Dublin
  • Sibley Exhibition, Rochester, NY
  • Group Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
  • One Woman Show, Waterford, Ireland
  • Boston Printmakers, Boston, MA
  • Work is in public and private collections


  • Rochester Printmakers Club
  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center
  • Graphic Art Studio
  • The United Arts Club, Ireland

Examples of the Artist’s Work