Anderson Alley Artists Studios
250 N. Goodman St., Rochester, New York 14607

Anna Overmoyer

Anna Overmoyer

General Information

Mixed Media


First Fridays 6-9pm
Second Saturdays 12pm-5pm
and by appointment

(585) 773-0560

Anderson Arts Building
Luna Gallery
250 N. Goodman St, Studio #216
Rochester, NY 14607

Sketch Studio


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About the Artist

Artist Statement

I am a traditional and dimensional illustrator.

On the the traditional side, I paint with watercolor and ink. On the dimensional side, I create puppets and sets, light them and photograph them, like stills from a movie. It is a fun way of working because I get to be in control of every aspect in a piece. I get to be actor, makeup artist, costumer, set designer, photographer and director.

Both techniques are rich in expressive characters with a flare of the fantastical.

Shows, Exhibitions, Collections

Shows for Sketch Studio:
Mayday! Underground -April 29th-30th at Village Gate

Future Shows for Luna Gallery:
April: Featuring the work of Mamiko Nagasaka
May: Featuring the work of Caitlin Childress


The studio is shared with a small, lively art gallery. Luna Gallery is honored with showing the work of several talented artists from in and around Rochester. For information on submitting work or visiting the gallery, visit us online at

The Artist’s Studio

Examples of the Artist’s Work